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Conquistador Francisco Pizarro Killed (1541)
After multiple expeditions in the New World, Pizarro set sail for Peru in 1531 with 180 men. His men soon slaughtered the unarmed emissaries of the Inca emperor, Atahuallpa, and took him hostage. After accepting a rich ransom for Atahuallpa's release, Pizarro had him garroted and spent the rest of his life consolidating Spain's hold on the Inca empire in Peru. In 1535, he founded Lima, where he was killed by fellow Spaniards he had betrayed. What became of Pizarro's remains? Discuss

Korean War Begins (1950)
After WWII, Korea was divided at the 38th parallel, with Soviet forces occupying the north and US forces occupying the south. Negotiations to reunify the two zones failed, and in 1950 the North invaded the South. US President Harry Truman ordered troops to assist South Korea, and the UN backed the mission. As UN troops advanced across North Korea, the People's Republic of China intervened, pushing them back to the original boundary at the 38th parallel. How many people were killed in the war?

One of the First Major Outbreaks of St. John's Dance (1374)
Germany was the site of one of the first outbreaks of dancing mania, a phenomenon seen primarily in mainland Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries. During such outbreaks, groups of up to thousands of people would dance uncontrollably, screaming, shouting, and claiming to have visions until they collapsed from exhaustion. Initially considered a curse sent by a saint, usually St. John the Baptist, it was called "St. John's Dance." To what do researchers now attribute the strange behavior? - RSS Channel - App International Edition

A father fights to keep his daughter alive as anti-vaccine sentiment swells in Italy
When his daughter Angela was gravely ill, Nicola Pomaro made her a solemn promise: If she recovered, he would do all he could to help her live life to the full.

Mueller's encore could be a serious blow to Trump

The very real danger of Trump's talk of a hypothetical Iran war

Europe's heat wave is smashing records
Germany recorded its highest-ever June temperature on Wednesday, as much of continental Europe contends with a major heat wave.

Trump: If US is attacked, Japan can just 'watch it on the Sony television'
President Donald Trump again lamented what he views as an unequal military alliance Wednesday, claiming that if the US is attacked, Japan "doesn't have to help us at all" and "can watch it on the Sony television."

What happened after the Taliban blew up the Buddhas
You can camp. You can picnic. You can even rent swan-shaped paddle boats to navigate one of six deep blue lakes that shimmer high in the Hindu Kush mountains, amid picturesque red-hued cliffs and rocky natural dams.

Woman watched as her husband and daughter drowned at US-Mexico border

Trump (of course) responds after Megan Rapinoe says she's 'not going to the f*****g White House'
President Donald Trump railed against American women's soccer co-captain Megan Rapinoe Wednesday after the soccer star said she wouldn't go to the White House if the national team wins the World Cup before saying that he would invite them to visit "win or lose."

New Istanbul mayor's thinly veiled warning to Erdogan
The winner of Istanbul's mayoral election re-run has issued a thinly veiled warning to Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to respect democracy, and that whoever "decides not to serve the people and prioritizes their political future" will be exposed.

Strange 'plasticrust' pollution found on Portuguese island
Scientists have discovered a new type of plastic pollution -- "plasticrusts" -- a layer of plastic encrusted onto ocean rocks.